Whether acupuncture needles will cause nerve damage?

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Acupuncture needles could be a observe derived from ancient Chinese drugs, within which needles area unit inserted through the skin for therapeutic result. in keeping with the National Center for Complementary and practice of medicine, stylostixis is usually accepted as a secure treatment. NCCAM notes, however, that probably severe complications could occur if stylostixis is run by associate degree unqualified professional person. Nerve injury, though rare, is one among acupuncture’s legendary complications. to search out a esteemed acupuncturist, NCCAM recommends consulting your health care supplier.

Acupuncture Points and also the systema nervosum

Acupuncturists insert needles at specific treatment points, that lie on pathways referred to as meridians. These meridians kind Associate in Nursing interconnecting network throughout the body, through that very important energy is assumed to flow. Some treatment points lie over muscles or organs, however several others lie over nerves, and once the needle is inserted deeply enough, direct trauma to the nerve may result. Nerve harm also can occur once treatment needles break off within the body, and later migrate to a location wherever they cause nerve injury.

Direct Nerve Injuries throughout Treatment

In a 1999 study printed within the "Archives of family practice," researchers surveyed worldwide reports of complications from treatment printed between 1966 and 1998. They noted that direct nerve injuries were rare however probably serious. In one case, injury to the fibular nerve within the lower leg caused complete palsy of that nerve along side impaired motor functions. A review printed within the "Journal of other and Complementary Medicine" in 2011 found that the safe depth for treatment needle insertion varies from patient to patient and is influenced by factors like gender and body size.

Broken Needles and Needle Migration

The 1999 study conjointly found instances of nerve injury caused by the migration of broken treatment needles at intervals the body. in an exceedingly kind of treatment practiced in Japan, needles area unit inserted into the skin so advisedly broken, effort fragments for good embedded within the body. In one case, a needle tip migrated over time into the patient’s articulatio radiocarpea, damaging the median nerve. In four of ten cases coping with spinal injuries, the study found that needle migration was answerable for the injury.

Acupuncture and Nerve injury interference

The authors of each the 1999 and 2011 studies united that the majority treatment complications according would are preventable with spare coaching and anatomic data. several of the thousands of treatment practitioners within the U.S. embrace physicians and dentists UN agency have already undergone medical coaching. NCCAM conjointly notes that several states need a license to apply treatment, though coaching standards dissent from state to state.