Do not know how to choose right acupuncture needles? come to CMEF

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China International Medical Equipment Fair is an exhibition that many  medical equipment manufacturer will attended every year for twice, Hualun medical as a professional acupunture needles manufactuer, it is bound to attend CMEF as business promotion and company improvement. For worldwide acupuncture needles wholesalers and distributors, the exhibition is deserved to attend for business starting or business expansion.

Exhibition Name:  The 79th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo

Date:  11th-14th April, 2018

Booth NO.: 8.1Q13

Address:  Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center

cmef exhibition

If you are an acupuncturist in rich experience, to understand and learn different acupunture needles effect to the disease are important to cure. and with the technology development, the acupunture needle manufacturing process are more simple with high precision.

Kowing different needles making process are important for you to make acupunture, especially to control the power point of acupunncturing.

Welcome to visit our booth for business cooperation, we will give you free acupunture needles sample.