How Chinese acupuncture needles heal the hair loss ?

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In many series of Chinese costume drama, you can see many famous and brilliant doctors can cure diseases that can not be cure by common doctors by acupuncture needles, they can locate the acupuncture points by rich experience,  to make the vessels be active by silver acupuncture needles. many people have trouble in losing hair continuely.

There is an theory of curing hair loss by acupuncture needles treatment.

The philosophy behind hair loss consistent with Chinese drugs is that the essences of basic energy square measure chi and blood, that square measure keep within the liver and kidneys. If the organs aren't operating expeditiously, they'll not manufacture enough of those essences required to nourish the hair. this may eventually cause hair loss, consistent with Subhuti Dharmananda, director of the Institute for ancient drugs in Portland, Oregon.

Troditional Chinese Theory:

According to Dharmananda, a healthy head of hair depends on the sufficiency of blood provides within the liver. If the liver blood is light, it'll not rise and supply nourishment to the pinnacle. The hair then turns grey or falls out. The condition of the kidneys is additionally sent by the health of the hair of the pinnacle, and graying or hair loss may be a sign of a deficiency associated with the kidneys, consistent with the Institute for ancient drugs.

Male baldness and female baldness:

Pattern depilation is that the most current variety of hair loss. Pattern depilation will have an effect on ladies however is additional commonplace in men. Pattern depilation generally follows a pattern of a receding hairline and also the cutting of hair on the crown. Ho-shou-wu may be a herb that's extremely valued in Chinese ancient drugs as a result of it's aforementioned to extend strength within the kidneys and liver. Ho-shou-wu can ordinarily be prescribed by a Chinese therapist to treat pattern depilation.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata may be a condition that ends up in hair rift in clumps. in contrast to pattern depilation that happens step by step, alopecia will arise suddenly. Western doctors believe this sort of hair loss could also be caused by associate degree disease. ancient Chinese drugs interprets phalacrosis because the results of blood deficiency, which might be caused by a poor diet, the utilization of medicine, aging or stress. sharp health changes ar thought to be a consequence of "wind," that is one in all six damaging influences, in line with Chinese drugs. Some treatments that will be prescribed by a Chinese doctor to treat phalacrosis ar ginseng nutrient combination and Tang-kuei Four Combination.

Topical Treatments

Topical remedies for hair loss embody applying hot pepper or ginger to assist restore circulation to the scalp. Ho-shou-wu, the herb wont to treat pattern depilation, can even be applied locally.

Study fromprofessiona livestrong.acupuncture needles for hair loss

In 2007, David Barlow, a pharmacist from the united kingdom, and his colleagues undertook a study on the effectiveness of the active ingredients in ancient Chinese drugs. They used associate degree analytical system referred to as Random Forest to find the foundation of activity of herbs and natural merchandise utilized in Chinese drugs. Their study unconcealed that a lot of of the claims created by Chinese herbalists on the healing properties of herbs did so have substance, and their findings additionally unconcealed many new compounds not utilized in the normal system that will be helpful to treat diseases and ailments.