The application of Seven Star plum blossom needle

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The Seven Star plum blossom needle is a part of the motherland's acupuncture and moxibustion medical heritage, it  has unique curative effect for many diseases. Plum blossom needle is used to multi-needles shallow puncture, it is a method of collection of multiple needles shallow puncture parts of a human body , it evolved from  China's ancient "semi thorn" and "floating thorn", "burr" acupuncture , widely used in clinical application .

 First of all,a good acupuncturists need to master a set of skilled meridian examination method, and be good at using the thumb pulp body in patients with repeated through the press, touch, push, the positive reaction at the ward and find out and adjacent parts of the spine and its two sides, such as cords, nodular, bubbly soft objects, or acid, pain and numbness sensation places . Checking with patience, pay attention to ask patients questions , observe the patient's face, immediately marked when find the positive reactions at the time, so as not to forget or waste time and energy again in the knocking process. 

Because these positive reactions are very important in the treatment of percussion sites where  is the preferred for  Plum blossom needle treatment . The number of positive reactions is directly proportional to the severity of the disease. Many are seriously ill, and less are less ill according the clinical experience ,Such as chronic bronchitis, in the first thoracic vertebra and eighth thoracic sides and waist cords and tenderness nodules under the jaw, such as chronic gastritis in fifth thoracic vertebra and twelfth thoracic nodules on both sides, cords and bubbly soft objects, such as chronic pelvic inflammation in the lower abdomen, waist and sacrum, groin there are nodules and cords, adhere to the positive reflection of long-term tapping of these diseases, can make it gradually disappear and achieve the purpose of healing. plum blossom needle applications will be more in the future.

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