Introduction cases of acupuncture treatment

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In southwest China, students from Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine used silver handle acupuncture needles to practice acupuncture on themselves for refreshment when intensively preparing for finals.

A picture of a female student with a disposable  silver needle on top of her head drew a lot attention online. Many netizens showed their concerns on whether it's safe or not for students to do that.Students from the university explained that there's hands-on practice when attending acupuncture classes, and students need to puncture themselves first and then to each other.

Normally, when feeling ill, students would choose acupuncture treatment given by themselves, "We have learned meridian acupoints in class…this level of operation is pretty safe," a student said.

When facing the question on how painful is the acupuncture from netizens, medical students responded: "Generally it does not hurt. People might feel sore, numb and bulging on special points when punctured accurately."The Communist Youth League secretary of the school praised students on applying their knowledge to real life.

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