Ear Sterile Pellets make you enjoy acupuncture anytime anywhere

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Sterile pellets are used to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances by implanting them in the subcutaneous tissue of the gluteal or abdominal regions in men and women. They are placed beneath the skin by a health care practitioner, during a simple office procedure.  This method of hormone delivery allows the body to slowly draw out small, physiologic doses of the needed hormone, providing for a more consistent steady-state delivery. The sterile pellets typically dissolve over a period of three to four months, sometimes lasting up to six months, at which time, new pellets will need to be implanted.  

The simple office procedure requires a small local anesthetic injection in the insertion area, then a tiny incision is made in the skin.  A device called a trocar, is then inserted into the subcutaneous layer beneath the skin.  The needle end of the trocar is removed, the pellets are placed into the trocar device and a blunt obturator is inserted into the trocar to gentle advance the pellets down into the insertion tract.  Once pellets are placed, the practitioner will typically close the tiny incision site with a simple sterile strip closure and then cover with an adhesive bandage.

Disposable Ear Sterile Pellets have below characteristcs for using in any time and anywhere.

1.Can keep a few days after used 

2.Sterilization with EO

3.Long taper tip permit nearly painless insertion for most of patient.

4.It is well-known home and abroad

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