The Acupuncture Needles Help the Spondylosis

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Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)。In accordance with the “main and collateral channels” theory in TCM,the purpose of acupuncture is to unchoke the channel so as to keep the body‘s yin and yang balanced and achieve reconciliation between the internal organs.It features internal diseases being treated with external therapies.With its unique advantages,acupuncture has been passed down over generations and has now spread over the world.Nowadays, acupuncture needles ,along with Chinese food,kung fu,and traditional Chinese medicine,has been internationally hailed as one of the “four new national essences.”

Eficacy observation on cervical spondylosis of vertebral artery type treated with warm needling and rehabilitation physiotherapy therapy.To compare the difierences in the efficacy on cervicaI spondylosis of the vertebral artery type(CSA)treated with the warm needling therapy combined with the rehabilitation physiotherapy,the simple warm needling therapy and the simpie rehabilitation physiotherapy separately and observe the impacts of them on the vertebraI basilar artery(VBA)in hemodynamics.

Acupuncture needles