How to choose a reliable acupuncture needles supplier?

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There are many suppliers of the acupuncture needles from China ,which one  is the reliable and suitable for you are not sure , do you have an version ?Acupuncture studio and hosiptals need to take responsible for the patients and their reputation so that some sugestions should be focused:

A: Acupuncture needles quality must be secured ,including the acupuncture needles handle material , and packing ways with tube or not , this is the core factor if you should choose the supplier .

B: Production capacity. when you need a number of acupuncuture needles in emergency, but your supplier can not delivery it to you soon make you lose a powerful production ability is necessary.

C.Professional sales team can make the transaction be easier .much commercial experiences can save a lot of time in the delivery and dealing with Emergency services.

D.No customers do not care about the After-sales service,the capable suppliers will give you sound and proper after-sales service.

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