The 16th China Regional Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Regional 2015)

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The 16th China Regional Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Regional 2015)
Time: Jul. 31 - Aug. 1, 2015
Venue:Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center 
Address:198. Century City Blvd. Chengdu

Our booth :
H2-F12-1. Welcome all of you to visit !

China international medical equipment fair (CMEF), was founded in 1979, the spring and autumn period and the two terms a year, after 30 years of continuous innovation, self-improvement, and has become the asia-pacific region's largest medical equipment and related products, services, exhibitions.Comprehensive exhibition covers include medical imaging, in vitro diagnostic, electronic, optical, first aid, rehabilitation nursing, health information technology and outsourcing services tens of thousands of kinds of products, direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry from the source to the end the whole medical industry chain.Every from more than 20 countries more than 2000 medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and more than 100 person-times of more than 100 countries and regions of the world's buyers and dealers of government purchase, hospital convergence CMEF trading, exchanges;With the deep development of the exhibition to become more professional, has created the conference BBS, CMEF Imaging, CMEF IVD, CMEF IT and brands ICMD series of medical field CMEF medical industry has become the largest professional medical procurement trading platform, release the best corporate image and professional information collection and distribution center and academic, technical exchange platform.