2015 the 18th Harbin Domestic& Abroad Medical Devices Exhibition

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2015 the 18th Harbin Domestic& Abroad Medical Devices Exhibition 

Date: 2015-06/11-2015-6-13(8:30-16:30)

City: Harbin

Venue: Harbin International Convention & Exhibition Center

Classification: Medical Service

Host: Medical Devices Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Longjiang Medical Devices Trade Distributing Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Harbin Dongfang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Area: 12000 m2

Exhibits: diagnosticand treatment equipment

Our booth is located in no. 272 B area, welcome to visit !

Exhibition range:
Diagnostic equipment: pathological diagnosis equipment, functional check equipment, rehabilitation physical therapy equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, X-ray equipment, computer monitoring equipment, scanning equipment, biochemical examination, endoscopy equipment, optical instruments, and neurology, surgery, orthopaedics, gastrointestinal, anus, urology and obstetrics and gynecology examination in the diagnosis of equipment.
Treatment equipment: department of surgery, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine treatment equipment, physiotherapy equipment, first aid equipment, laser equipment, anesthesia and analgesia technology equipment, ward nursing equipment, low temperature freezing treatment equipment, dialysis treatment equipment, plastic equipment, emergency center.
Auxiliary equipment: air conditioning equipment, photoelectric thermostatic equipment, refrigeration equipment, disinfection equipment, central oxygen to attract, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, blood Banks, medical equipment, monitoring system and software testing and analysis instruments, data recording and processing equipment, water treatment equipment, washing equipment.
Oral equipment: oral diagnostic equipment, dental treatment equipment, with complex, oral auxiliary equipment, dental materials, etc.
Ophthalmic equipment: eye laser treatment device, image processing system, ophthalmic diagnosis, ophthalmic microsurgery instrument, eye care equipment, medicine, etc.
Auxiliary equipment: medical hygiene materials, medical products, disposable medical supplies, family planning supplies, medical chemical reagent, rehabilitation, health care equipment, etc.
Hospital information management system, the hospital computer information system, outpatient management system, the system software, the management system, management system of medical and etc.
Other equipment: idle medical apparatus and instruments, second-hand equipment, all kinds of medical vehicles, hospital equipment, etc.