How to choose proper Acupuncture needles for your disease?

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Many people know the acupuncture needles can relieve the pain of your disease, but when you buy acupuncture needles there, you are not sure which one is best for your disease.

Acupuncture needles can be divided into many styles, when you are not farmiliar with the acupuncture needles ways, pls try the hard needles like copper handle plated acupunture needles, since it is not high technical requirements, if you are professional and years experienced acupuncturist, then the soft needles like silver plated handle acupunture needles be your best choice.this  depend on the acupuncturist experience.

According to the disease,  for the inner pain of body, like muscular stiffness, or invisible pain, the long sterile steel wire acupuncture needles is good choice, if your disease on the skin, then the intradermal embedding needles will work on it. 

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