A real story from Sweden hospital patient

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"I am also so happy I listened to my neighbor, Linda Hensgen, and April Larsen from my Water Fitness Class (YMCA).  These two women are your patients and strongly suggested I give YOU and acupuncture a try to alleviate my pinched nerve and back pain." As you know my first visit was not so good; your words to me as I left your office that first time were, “I will get you pain free”. I had very noticeable improvement the next morning.  It has now been three weeks with two treatments per week and I can say what a difference! said by a acupuncture treatment patient.

I am so relieved to be virtually pain free. After two weeks of treatment I know we were on the right road to healing when I found myself singing along with the radio. When I looked in the mirror my face looked relaxed and happy.  I have started to resume my normal life again, walking, yard work, and even physically teaching my water fitness classes.

I know we still have some work/maintenance for me, But the difference between now and my first visit is awesome.  I am so very glad you took me on as a patient and I look forward to our Doctor/patient relationship with regards to improving my general overall health.

I am singing your praises and praising acupuncture to my family and friends as an alternative to pills and surgery.

Thank you again! I am VERY Happy and Pain Free, enjoying my Freedom of Movement.


This is a letter from a patient cured by acupunture treatment. she is from Sweden. 

 With the current understanding is that Acupuncture Needles treatment without any side effects. Acupuncture also can treat many diseases, and efficacy of fast and effective. And even some medications can treat the disease, treatment with acupuncture wonders. This highly unusual treatment is being recognized by the world. Although medicine drugs can cure, but drugs have some side effects, but there are many side effects, up to now unclear. We have a compare with Acupuncture Needles. After drugs is filling into the body. It is troughs the liver detoxification, kidney detoxification. To increase the body's internal organs had many burdens virtually. If you long-term to use of drugs, one of the toxins will accumulate in the body. Until a visceral overwhelmed, it will generate a new disease. So cured a disease, may well be adding a new disease. Here what treatment, Acupuncture Needles advantages has been obvious.