How much do you know about acupuncture needles

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Where can one buy acupressure needles for self treatment? How can it be made at home and should the needles be thrown away for one time usage or can it be cleaned and used again?


First, I’m going to assume you meant acupuncture and not acupressure. As far as I know, acupressure does not involve the use of needles, it means that needles are not used in acupressure. just finger pressure. You can do that easily at home. As to sterilization and reuse, if you are just using them on yourself, you certainly do not need to throw them away after a first use. You can clean them by storing them in alcohol, or buy an autoclave. You're not going to catch something from yourself that you do not have already, but you don't want to leave skin and blood cells on the needles to decay for a week, then stick them back under your skin.


Acupuncture needles are only for sale to licensed acupuncturist and other licensed medical professionals who use them in their clinics. And, there is no safe way to sterilize an acupuncture needle. They are all disposable acupuncture needles nowadays, and must never be re-used, for a variety of reasons. Licensed acupuncturists actually take a special course called Clean Needle Technique to be certified in keeping people safe from infections by acupuncture needles. The majority of injuries and infections cause by acupuncture are the result of untrained people using acupuncture needles in unsafe ways, usually in countries other than the US and places where acupuncturists are highly trained to prevent injury. In the US, it is illegal to buy acupuncture needles for home use unless you are licensed to practice acupuncture. You can stimulate acupuncture points without puncturing them with a blunt item like the tine of a fork or even a hard pencil eraser, and this is much safer than inserting needles into your body when you don't know the anatomy of what is underneath!

In all, It is important to pay attention to uses of Acupuncture needles, Whether by yourself or professional acupuncturist or not. Watch the video to learn more acupuncture needles, and hope that the artical is helpful to you.