Which situations shouldn't acupuncture?

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Nowadays, acupuncture has become a popular treatment and health care method in the world with its excellent curative effect. it can cure many diseases involves the internal and external, women, children, facial features and many other subjects, including health, beauty areas, such as weight loss, acne and so on.

However, acupuncture treatment cannot be performed to any diseases. Such as coagulation dysfunction, spontaneous bleeding or bleeding after injury, not acupuncture, cupping, so as to avoid adverse bleeding, there is bruising. Need to acupuncture skin damage, infection, ulcers, scars and tumors, acupuncture and cupping therapy is not appropriate, to avoid aggravation of the local inflammation and condition.

For patients with real heat and yin deficiency and fever, moxibustion therapy is generally not recommended, because moxibustion therapy will apply into the symptoms of yang and warmth. Those with high blood pressure who are in violent fluctuations and sensitive to external stimuli must also be more caution.

In addition, if you are pregnant for more than 3 months, acupuncture or cupping is prohibited at some points on the abdomen and lumbosacral region. Most of these acupuncture points can promote blood circulation and lead to miscarriage; older pregnant women or pregnant women who have a miscarriage tend to use acupuncture with caution.  Women's menstrual period, if not for the conditioning of menstruation, is generally not acupuncture, so as not to increase the amount of menstrual flow.

In infants and young children in the head when the fontanelle is not closed, acupuncture at the top of the head should not be acupunctured, to avoid piercing the brain.

For the common patient, the physical condition should be adjusted to enter the consulting room. If the body is extremely fatigued, hungry or over-fed, the spirit is highly stressed, and after a large blood loss, in order to avoid the occurrence of fainting during the acupuncture, acupuncture should not be performed immediately. After the body is in a stable state, it can be treated.

Different physical conditions, different seasons, their selection of points, techniques are also very particular about. Therefore, it must be treated by a professional acupuncturist. Before acupuncture, patients should communicate well with the doctors and truthfully reflect their condition and physical condition so that acupuncture treatment can be more safe and effective.