Seven star acupuncture needle can heal hair loss?

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Seeing this theme, have you been surprised about it?  This is a new discovery about the acupuncture needles treatment, it is questionable. let's see the real truth. i am truly hoping this is real, then thousands people will be healed by acupuncture on hair loss.

In the traditional Chinese healing, hair is related to other more vital parts of the body as the internal organs and the blood. there is a word: "Your skin and hair is from your parents", so they are sacred. The needles acupuncture key points of your head to improve blood circulation and distribution of the energy flow. It stimulates your hair follicles, as well as particular nerves and blood vessels of the head. Treating a hair loss with acupuncture technique is a long-term process, which requires a lot of patience and dedication. No miracles should be expected overnight. Acupuncture treatment it is often accompanied by the intake of herbal formulas or topical ointments for the scalp. Also, hot towel massages are another method used to stimulate the blood flow throughout the body. This kind of treatment can also alleviate the pain of damaged skin caused by hair loss conditions like traction alopecia. Acupuncture can significantly ease the discomfort of the painful swellings, itchiness and sometimes even inflammation caused by traction alopecia.

Although the acupuncture needles works to hair loss, you need to care below aspects in common life, There are a number of reasons why people suffer from hair loss at age far too young for receding hairlines:

Heredity – Most common reason for hair loss is genetics. You can tell this is so if one or both of your parents experienced the same in their younger years.

Medication – Drugs can also cause hair loss, as a part of its side effect, like chemotherapy as an example.

Pregnancy – If you have ever been pregnant, you will understand why hair loss takes place. During pregnancy, most of your body’s nutrients are sent to nourish the unborn child, hence the messed up hormones and hair loss.

Medical Conditions – There are many kinds of conditions that can cause significant hair loss. Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, and low vitamin levels may cause hair loss.

If you are a acupuncturist, then you can practice the skills to start new business opportunity, basically there is no difference from gold plated acupuncture needles with silver plated acupuncture needles in treatment affect, the only difference is their hardness is different according to the acupuncturist experience.

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