New Arrival: SHUNHE 18K Gold Acupuncture Needles

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On Christmas Eve, Suzhou hualun medical research and design a new product: 18K pure gold acupuncture needle. SHUNHE gold acupuncture needles are a traditional style Chinese needle with a coiled handle and guide tube. They are suitable for all needling requirements including moxibustion and electroacupuncture. The handle and the needle are gold plated and are particularly suitable for patients with nickel allergies. The gold needles are individually packed with guide tube and are ethylene oxide sterilized. The The golden acupuncture needle are customized according to customer’s need.


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Now, let us learn about the benefits of gold acupuncture needles according to MRI study.


A MRI study measured the pain relieving effects of gold acupuncture needles and revealed that acupuncture limits brain responses to pain. Gold acupuncture needles were used in this MRI study of pain. Researchers used blood oxygen level dependent fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) on human volunteers receiving pain stimulation. Without acupuncture, fMRI imaging demonstrated widespread global responses to pain throughout the brain. With acupuncture, the researchers discovered acupuncture reduces responses to pain to very small, limited regions of the brain. This new fMRI brain mapping contributes to a greater understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in the analgesic effects of acupuncture.


The researchers compared the analgesic affects of needle-free acupuncture point stimulation with an electrical device. Using TEAS (transcutaneous electric acupoint stimulation) at LI4, the researchers discovered two major findings. First, TEAS reduced brain responses to pain and produced an analgesic effect. Secondly, acupuncture needle stimulation of LI4 produced a greater reduction in brain responses to pain than non-needle TEAS. The researchers noted that manual acupuncture needle stimulation has wider and stronger effects on brain responses to pain than TEAS. The researchers concluded that acupuncture “is an effective means in pain relief.”


The researchers chose gold needles for the study although acupuncture needles are often made from stainless steel, silver and other metals and alloys. Gold needles are associated with hypoallergenic properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, gold acupuncture needles are sometimes associated with Yang and tonifying properties. Modern research confirms that the impedance at electric terminal points is affected by the type of metal used in the manufacture of a needle. Historically, gold needles have been found in numerous archeological discoveries. The tomb of prince Liu Sheng (d. 113 BCE), unearthed in 1968, contained both gold and silver acupuncture needles.


In conclusion, good acupuncture needle does effect on our body, if you are interested in our products, contact us at once. At last, Merry Christmas in advance.