How to choose correct acupuncture needles sizes?

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For most acupuncture beginners who buy acupuncture needles have no idea what kind needles they should use?  They do not know that there are lots of them to learn, because the materials, specifications, elasticity, service life, and sharpness of the needle tip are all different. Sometimes different acupuncture needles have a great different treatment effects. Now,  I will introduce the specifications of commonly used acupuncture needles and the techniques for purchasing acupuncture needles guides in detail based on my clinical experience.

acupuncture needles

Almost all acupuncture needles  are manufactured according to uniform standards on the market, of course, there are individualized ones. acupuncture needles usually used with following specifications.

  1. 1. Diameter and length are the specifications of acupuncture needles. For example, a needle of 0.18*13mm indicates the acupuncture needle diameter is 0.18 and length is 13 mm. The length means the length of the needle body, excluding the needle handle.

  1. 2. 0.18*13mm (half inch): It is often used in facial grooming. This needle is very thin and short, which can effectively reduce the patient's pain when entering the needle. PS: The diameter of the Global Brand is 0.18, while the diameter of the Huachan Brand is 0.20. The diameter is slightly thicker and the needle has better toughness.

  1. 3. Size 0.25*25mm (one inch) is commonly used. Applicable to all parts of the body skin more shallow parts of the subcutaneous tissue, or shallow acupuncture points. PS: 0.30*25mm size is thicker than 0.25*25mm also commonly used clinically, and easier to enter body. the diameter 0.25 needle is slightly softer, requested higher doctor's fingertips.   

  1. 4. Sizes: 0.30*40mm (one and a half inches): is common used too. Applicable to areas where muscle rich parts of the body, or where there is a need for short-distance penetration.  An inch and a half of the needle is slightly longer. If the diameter is less than 0.30, the needle is easier to bend.  If you are not confident in your needle insertion technique, you can use a diameter of 0.30. If the confidence is insufficient, you can use a diameter of 0.35. The needle with a slightly thicker diameter has a higher toughness and is less likely to bend. However, with the same acupuncture technique, the thicker needle diameter, the more painful the patient feels when the needle is inserted.

  1. 5. 0.30*50mm (two inches): The points are basically the same as 0.30*40mm. It is applicable to points that need deep penetration more than an inch and a half.

  1. 6. 0.30*75mm (three inches): commonly used for piercing acupuncture points or mid-distance penetrating techniques. The diameter of 0.30 is relatively moderate, and there are doctors who like to use 0.35 or even 0.40 diameter to see personal treatment habits.

Acupuncture needles material analysis:

Acupuncture needles are made of alloy, steel, stainless steel, iron, gold, silver, etc.

Most commonly is silver acupuncture needles and gold acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needles are packaged and are boxed. The casing is assembled into the same aluminum tube according to the different specifications of the acupuncture needles, also called trocars. 

There are generally 15 and 30 types of tubes. I suggest to purchase 30 units so that it can meet the needs of different patients.

Acupuncture needles can also be distinguished by repeated use of needles and single use. Disposable acupuncture needles have only been used in recent years and are related to people's living conditions. You can buy both at the time of purchase and decide which one to use based on the patient's requirements.

Acupuncture needles price:

The price of acupuncture needles, the cheapest a few cents ,the most expensive is a dollar, very cheap. 30 sleeves are generally around 10 yuan. Acupuncture needles also have some tips when they are purchased. According to my clinical experience, there are two points to pay special attention to when purchasing acupuncture needles.

Before you buy a acupuncture needles cautions:

First of all, trying the sharpness of the fingertips to identify if the acupuncture speed. The method is to use your needle tip to slowly bite on your sensitive skin.  If you do not feel pain, then this needle can be used.  If you feel pain much, then suggest you change another kind of needle, or your patient will think that you are not a professional acupunturist.

The second is to take one or more long needles, such as three-inch, you can try to  twist the needle body directly on your thumb, and then loosen to see if the needle fully recovered straightforward, if do, it is a good needle. you can carefully experience the mysteries in the later clinical experience. Under normal circumstances, as long as you have mastered the above two points, you will be able to get your hands on clinical acupuncture needles.