An MIracle Promoted by A Small Medical Acupuncture Needle

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Under the supported policy of the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese traditonal medical skills are  spreading  to whole world, for example  Acupuncture academy .

As you know the acient Chinese medical academy has been popular in oversea.Medical  Acupuncture Needles are different accoding the materials used.the therapy effect is different too , usage of acupuncture needles are by  experienced of the doctors.A pregnant woman from Sweden was difficult labour ,all nurses were anxious when the baby burn after her husband acupunctured in her Bilateral Hegu.her husband has been a professional acupuncture doctor since 2015. some people heard of this coming for therapy .

With the development of acupuncture , more and more hospitals launched acupuncture section outpatients.disposable acupuncture needles are  indispensable.

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