ID1 Sterile Intradermal Needles 100PCS/BOX ID1 Sterile Intradermal Needles 100PCS/BOX

Sterile Intradermal Embedding Acupuncture Needles


Brand: Shunhe

Code: D 01

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2.Products name:Sterile Intradermal Embedding Acupuncture  Needles


Intradermal needle is consist of needle tip and needle plate, needle body is made of 6 cr19ni10 or other austenitic stainless steel wire, according to the different cultivars, divided into sterilization intradermal needle (the disposable use asepsis intradermal needle) and not sterilization intradermal needle (intradermal needle) , according to the different size is divided into several specifications. pinpoint puncture force is not more than 0.7 N; Needle body hardness is not less than 400 hv0.1. 2 kg; Surface roughness parameters Ra value um .Sterilization intradermal needle should be sterile.

4.More professional :every needle we After full inspection product, then through professional video equipment magnified 40 times the sampling inspection needlepoint, more clear and more intuitive test tip, avoid to the naked eye is not easy to find small burrs and little hook into the production line