Copper Handle Acupuncture Needles without Tube Copper Handle Acupuncture Needles without Tube

Copper handle Acupuncture needles without tube
D:0.14- 0.35mm, L:7- 150mm
Packing:dialysis paper

Brand: Shunhe

Code: TT03

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company introduction 华伦医疗产品详情6_02华伦医疗产品详情6_03                                   Copper handle  Acupuncture needles without tube

Products with special wire wound in the medical stainless steel wire made of acupuncture needles,the surface treatment was wire color,test packaging forming, packaging materials are medicinal PVC and medical dialysis paper, heat synthesis independent Single package, a board 5,20 board a box, a box of 100 boxes.

More professional :every needle we After full inspection product, then through professional video equipment magnified 40 times the sampling inspection needlepoint, more clear and more intuitive test tip, avoid to the naked eye is not easy to find small burrs and little hook into the production line.


gold plated handle needles

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