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The cooperation story 
with our clients
Cooperation with XXX  Cooperation with France customer

Cheek Acupuncture Needle Therapy with France customer dating ffrom  2017, the main products are silver plated handle acupuncture needles, Spring handle acupuncture needles and so on. we make the acupuncture needles in customer brand. 

This packaging box design novel asyou see left,  attracts customers eyeball, we manufacture the acupuncture needles according to customer requirements, control every aspect of production, to provide customers with high-quality products.
Cooperation with XXX  Cooperation with Portuguese Customer

Portuguese customers, began cooperation in 2010, the main production of steel handle acupuncture needles. The finished product's price not very high, but has the same treatment effect, according to customer feedback, this is one of the best-selling acupuncture needles.
Cooperation with XXX  Cooperation with Dubai Customer

Dubai customers is our long term cooperation customer,  we started cooperation since 2013,  he is a local acupunture needles,  acupuncture equipments  products distributors,  he is satisfied with SHUNHE acupuncture needles quality, we  make aluminum pipe handle acupuncture needles mainly for them in his brand

Aluminum pipe handle acupuncture needles making process is complex, need more rigorous inspection for each procedure, in this OEM service, we try our best   to provide the competitive price and high quality acupuncture needles for customer, by now, we have been a stable acupuncture needles supplier for DUbai customer.
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