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Conton Fair 2017 ---China Import and Export Fair

  2017. 10
In October 2017, we attented in conton Fair in Shenzhen, our acupuncture needles are achineved high degree of recognition, and we are always dedicated in acupuncture supplies for customers from all over the world.

2017 EMCF

  2017. 10
CMEF--Asia Pacific's medical industry platform serving the entire value chain for the healthcare market, the industry assembly of technology innovation, trading, learning and networking. In October 2017, we attended the CMEF in shanghai,  we set up a booth, and provided acupuncture supplies, electric acupuncture machine and so on.

The 14th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Thailand

  2017. 10
 In October 2017, we attended the 14th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bangkok, Thailand and took pictures with the members of Thai Association of Chinese Medicine.

The Second World Health Industry Summit in the US

  2016. 12
In November 2016, we attended the Second World Health Industry Summit at the Churchill College in the United Kingdom, met the teachers from Britain, the United States, Russia and Portugal and other countries. 

The 12th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spain

  2015. 9
In September 2015, at the 12th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spain, we met two old customers who had been cooperating for more than ten years. One was Bo Jianyun, the founder of Beauvise Abdomen, and his daughter, the other Is a French customer. The organizers also prepared for usa thousand people dinner at the same day.

The 18th China International Medical Appliance Exhibition Fair

  2014. 4
In Aprial 2014, we attended the 18th china international medical appliance exhibition Fair in Shengzhen, our manager, Mrs.yu intoduced to all cumstomers who were very interested in acupunture with her professional knowledges to promote chinese acupuncture therapy.
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