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Disposable Sterile copper spiral acupuncture needles

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Disposable Sterile copper spiral acupuncture needles
D:0.14- 0.35mm, L:7- 150mm
Packing:Aluminum foil

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2.Product names:Disposable Sterile copper spiral acupuncture needles


3.Specification: Disposable sterile acupuncture needles

1.Single use only   2.EO sterilization   3.CE and ISO 13485 certificates

special specifications can be customiized according to customer's need


4.Introduce product efficacy and function

Acupuncture harmonic Yin and Yang effect is refers to using the method of acupuncture, through the meridians, acupoints and the effect of acupuncture technique, to correct partial partial tide of Yin and Yang Dredge meridian effect of acupuncture and moxibustion has been can make blood stasis resistance free venation and exert its positive Often physiological functions, is the most basic and most direct acupuncture therapy effect.

5.More professional :every needle we After full inspection product, then through professional video equipment magnified 40 times the sampling inspection needlepoint, more clear and more intuitive test tip, avoid to the naked eye is not easy to find small burrs and little hook into the production line.


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